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This kid!



I was representing the family quite well. I made an awesome first impression. The other mom and I were talking and she had commented about the well behaved children I had in tow. Very rarely do I make a good first impression. Usually there is some mishap. I wasn’t trying to be fake, but I was enjoying the moment I have always imagined other moms must have more often than not. That is when God humbles me. He always does. It was at that moment that she spoke. My daughter…

She is different than most. She thinks differently. Her brain is at different places during moments when everyone else’s is somewhere else. Yet she speaks as if what she is saying is the most obvious thing in the world. We had watched Anne of Green Gables the night before and there was a scene where a little girl mistakenly drank wine. The events that followed were very upsetting. Well, while my mind is enjoying the rare opportunity of a good first impression my daughter’s brain is still reliving the episode from the night before.

So while I am talking to this mom, my child up in the tree, shouts down to us, “She is very dramatic when she drinks”….the mom of course not being privy to the events of the previous night naturally assumes my daughter is referring to me. I try to explain. I am very dramatic when I drink that is why I haven’t had a drink in 12 years.

Elizabeth sees me trying to explain so she thinks she will help. She says “NO, i mean when she got the little girl drunk”. My story isn’t holding water. The other mom laughed and was very sweet and then jokingly added “we’ll just have to bring some wine to the next campout for you”. Oh dear.


Be careful with your words


Apparently when I said “You will do it under Joey’s tutelage.” What I thought I was saying  was under Joey’s instruction or direction Wesley would learn how to do something…It was apparently misinterpreted as under Joey’s TOOT-alege. So after I spoke the words came the eruptions of laughter and Wesley screaming “oh no!!! not that” and Joey aiming I realized the ere of my words. Toot was code for fart, which I now understand. Unfortunately the laughter and chase is on and nothing will get done. Any words meaning or implying a bodily function are like a hypnotist code word. Upon hearing it, they are  transformed into uncontrollable crazies. I now have no control and am awaiting my husband to come home. The big man voice is the only thing that snaps them back after it gets this far. Meanwhile I am retreating to the garage with a bowl of ice cream….no, I am bringing the whole darn carton and a box of cookies. If anyone is having a similar night feel free to meet with me in the garage!