Monthly Archives: January 2015

Joey…My Precious!


How do you reach a child that prefers the company of Tolkin to the compassion and love of his own mother? I thought maybe by enticing him with treats. Maybe then I would see my first born again.I miss him so. I haven’t seen his face in a while, as it is always hiding behind a kindle or novel. So I thought I would give him some oreos…..laced with Synsodyne toothpaste!!! Well, I put a lot of thought into it. I knew he wouldn’t just take it from me. He is always suspicious. So I had a plate full of cookies with one good one on it. I called him in pretending to remind him of a chore he forgot to do (Tolkin’s fault I’m sure) and then I ate one in front of him without offering it. He asked me for a cookie and I laughed at him and then he begged and I said “fine” and tried like the dickens to suppress the smile that was starting to force it’s way to my lips. He took the cookie and brought it to his mouth and paused and smiled…oh no not the pause! Not the pause with that smile! The “you almost got me mom” smile! That is a bad one! That means retaliation is coming and I don’t even have the satisfaction of getting him first. I will sleep with one eye open tonight ..oh wait..Tolkin…Oh sweet addicting Tolkin! He could use a new book to take his mind off of it. It is classic literature after all. Well, at least I got to see his smile. I do love that smile.