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Happy Birthday Joey


Tomorrow is my firstborn son Joey’s birthday and I have decided to celebrate this occasion by showing him what that day was like 12 years ago….

He won’t sleep tonight…My first contraction with him was at about 5:30 am the day before he graced this world with his presence and there was no sleeping. There was lots of walking (They lied and said he would be here any minute if I walked.) I shall let him think the torture is over only to show him I was lying and persist (There were also lots of lies like “No honey, I can’t give you drugs you are only 1 centimeter.” I know that baby was about to rip out of my body. The pain was far greater than “1 centimeter”) I shall wake him with fear every few hours at first then gradually closing the gap to every few minutes making him cry. Then I shall shower him with happiness, which for him is a plate full of bacon and slim jims… But not until all hope of sleep is lost and the new day is upon him.
My only child that knew what it was like to be an only child. The first human to hear my heart beat from the inside. The first person to make me feel an emotion so strong and beautiful I will never be able to put it into words.
Our relationship is based on pranks, sarcasm and ninja moves (Yes, I can ninja) and my prayer every night is “Lord please fill all the gaps I am leaving and heal all the places I have left broken. Please make him know I love him and when I am old, do whatever necessary to make sure he is not my caretaker. Payback will not be pretty. Happy Birthday to my boy. Here’s to one more non teenage year. Let’s make it our best yet!